About me - Nathan Thach Photography

Hi, my name is Nathan Thach. I’m a photographer based in Sacramento, CA.

If you ask me, I can tell you the exact moment and location in 2002 when I bought my first Nikon camera. Now, if you ask me why I will just stare at you and smile because at the time I had no idea. The passion really started when my daughter Lexi was born. Capturing those innocent, in the moment images became an absolute addiction. I never want to miss a single moment.

I’m a graduate of California State University in Business (Management Information Systems). I share two amazing, beautiful, and goofy kids Lexi and Ethan with my incredible wife Kristine. I enjoy listening to music on a lazy day and doing activities with my beautiful little family.

As a photographer, my ultimate goal is to create images that will last a lifetime. I’m addicted in capturing those moments that show pure emotions, I am a chaser of it.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me today. Hope I can talk to you soon!

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